The Return of the Queen

"Marie-Antoinette is experiencing a surprising revival, due to the modernization of the character, who has become a young woman of hers, and our time. Fashion has also added to the look associating the queen with several contemporary supermodels. A fan cult has appropriated the figure of Marie-Antoinette, a phenomenon of globalized post-modernism, as commercial as it is cultural and ideological"


House Of Battifora has also taken on the Queen's image and adapted her style onto our line of pillows and scarves. 

House of Battifora is a California home décor company, a whimsical place where design meets art.  We specialize in the production and design of luxury home décor, including pillows and scarves, that feature exclusive artwork created by L.A. artist Maurizio Battifora.  With our current trademark design, Marie Antoinette's floating head, we inspire our customers to be casual or elegant, but never boring.


The namesake brand, Battifora, was created by L.A. artist Maurizio Battifora when he moved to Los Angeles, California from Florida in early 2007  Themes of his design and artwork focus on the power of reinvention, love of individuality, an unapologetic taste for beauty and luxury, pop culture, and glamour.  


All pillows and scarves are designed and manufactured in West Los Angeles with imported materials that include a cotton-linen blend for our black and white pillows and a 100% silk charmeuse for our color pillows.  Pillows have two different images on each side, a hidden zipper, invisible sewing, and bold tags bearing the Battifora logo and name. 




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House Of Battifora 2019